Mission statement

We hold truths to be supported By evidence...

From the days of Ben Franklin, scientists have shaped public policy in America. Science has been used to protect public health and the environment, has united and inspired us as we explore the mysteries of the universe, and has given us the technologies that shape our modern age. Yet science also led to the eugenics movement. With our full history in mind, SPrNoVA recognizes the value of continuous discussion between the public and the scientific community. We strive to further advance the health, wealth, andand understanding security of our nation through reason and research while maintaining our moral integrity.

Our mission is to engage the public through outreach, both to our communities at large and to our politicians, to foster necessary dialog between citizens and scientists. We strive to increase the scientific literacy of our nation and advocate whole heartedly for evidence based policy making. We also recognize that every child is at heart a scientist and that all of us, regardless of race, creed, sexuality, or national origin, hold the spark of curiosity and the fuel of potential within ourselves. We do not simply speak, however. We also strive to listen, hearing the concerns and aspirations of the public and using them to guide our research to areas of great need or inspired curiosity.

Science shaped our modern age. We now seek to promote the reasoned, informed dialogue across our citizenry that will allow us to best to realize our ideal future, where every child has unfettered access to education and policy helps the people and the planet.