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Mission statement

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From the days of Ben Franklin, scientists have shaped public policy in America. Throughout our nation’s history, science has been called upon to improve public health, to protect the environment, and to drive economic development. Scientific advances have also united and inspired us as we explore the mysteries of the universe and have given us the technologies that shape our modern age. Yet science was also complicit in the eugenics movement. With this complete history in mind, SPrNoVA recognizes the value of open and continuous discussion between the public and the scientific community. We strive to advance the health, wealth, and knowledge of our nation through reason and research while maintaining our moral integrity.

Mission statement

Our mission is to engage the public and our politicians in meaningful dialog about the role of science in society. We strive to increase the scientific literacy of our nation and advocate for evidence based policy-making. We believe that by teaching the technical skills that drive our modern era, we can offer hope to those who have been left behind, and that by promoting research and development, we can continue to grow and strengthen our economy. We also recognize that every child is at heart a scientist and that all of us, regardless of background or identity, hold the spark of curiosity and the fuel of potential within ourselves. We do not simply speak, however. We also listen, hearing the concerns and aspirations of our communities. We take these motivations with us, shaping our research and our advocacy accordingly.

Science profoundly shaped our modern era and will continue to affect the lives of future generations. By promoting the reasoned, informed dialogue that underpins the scientific method, we hope to realize a better future, where every child has unfettered access to education and informed policy improves the lives of all people.


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